A Well, A Dream

Stars aligned one night

and at the bottom of a well

pure water stemmed

into a life deemed

rather swell...

Enter: the dreamers.

Impossible in their disjointed logic.

Worlds melt away

as surroundings sway into chocolate swirls:

something tasty and vague -

unimposing to say

the very least...

And the radical cynics.

Hitting hard

with reality shards

painted black -

unfairly piercing

our spirits...

A juxtaposed mix,

serving only

to point out

where the others' wood

is hollow...

And they all reach down

into the well

for a crack

at each other's drink

until water levels

greedily recede

and sink out of grasp -

chaste and untouched

        and what a shame

        that only when we reach

        barrell bottom

        do we realize this much...

But someone's working a scheme

to rain the water back.

Enter: the cynical dreamer

riding situational trains

to the clouds -

half embracing God

when HE's not being

half ignored.

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