day to day

you reflect

what I've come to expect

as my soul...

dearest mirror

who wholes up


it's why I say

you're the personification of my affection,

and not the object of it.

because you live it,

breathe it,

mold it,

free it,

not just sit there

and let me see it

through a vague


it's why my sentence

will always look best

written on your sheet.


on your heart beat --

letter by letter imprinted

in rhythmic fashion

on tender red -

you bled

that night.

the underpinnings

on your soul-tarp

popped off --

sent it flying

flapping in the wind --

a scarlet sheet -

like wine-wings in the air...

the heavens themselves

got drunk on your taste...

and chaste

like the morning sky.

casting blue haze

throughout my rue days --

don't stop living, baby.

magic with you

is just so abundant

it's crazy...

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