An Angel's Rain

At one point in time

I lived off in a land

Of distant rhymes

And love that could never

Be mine.

And so every whirlwind that swirled in

Would always chime the same.

And each sunset that fell

Passed repetitive shades

Through eyeframes already imbued

With impossible dream-like hues

Of a fleeting haze.

I remember on my West wall

Hung a picture frame

Made of oak

And glossed with tears --

     Every morning the yellow giant would rise..

     Its rays would soak through

     And illuminate

     A square beam

     Through the rectangle destined for you.

I didn't quite know it then

But when the Sun's particles hit

I could see a vague tracing

Of you..

The subtlest glimpse

Of the true and profound --

Every night -

When blackness consumed

And the world was awash in twilight,

I opened my eyes

To let out the light I had trapped

When I saw you

And watched as shadows


My doubts retreated

And I

Felt it...

To this day we look to the skies

While our stares

Stay trapped

Between here and an angel's eyes.

But she flutters her wings

Sending down a passion of rain

So that we may soak ourselves

In each other's refrains..


As I lick the drops off my chin,

I can taste what you had to say

And it grows ever precious

From day to day...

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