Ecstasy in a Bathtub

I remember

the way your feet were positioned

as you sat

in the smallish tub --

    one hovering out

    over the rim.

    and the other

    stretched out straight and planted firm

    upon the opposite edge.

    with toes that raked porcelain

    every time your famished nest

    I fed...

from behind you

I sat --

    chest pressed up

    against your slippery back.

    left arm

    upon your outstretched thigh.

    right arm

    curled around you --

      palm pressed

      below your belly

      while fingers, teasing and ready

      sunk in.

picking locks

on your buried treasures,

we begin ..

    testing the waters

    of your euphoric measure..

your hand

thrown back

around my neck.

and head

draped over my shoulder

as you try to catch your breath.

and i finger out

your deepest desires.

moans turn screams --

louder until

silence completely subsides --

and creamy rushes

gather at your throbbing thighs.

this is it.

this is purity's fluid

cascading around my finger..

draping my palms

like hand gel.

sticky, wet storms


in your stomach.

as you once again sap your unending love

unto slippery tub floors

laid out in front...

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