As the Hour Hand Thins (Don't Lose this Time)

I see you

Entertain the nourishment

Of an elusive dream.

And as I feel the streams of life

Run through my fingers

I fall to twisted knees.

And in agony I scream,

"Don't let this world do you in!

Don't let an angel steal you off the ground!

Don't let my hunger for your existence

Go unfed...

And don't forget the words

I said..."

There's just...

Too many saturated thoughts

Inside your head.

Begging you to stop.

And take the desolate road

Laid out

In dirt red...

But don't you tell me

You can't turn around...

Trek back over the footsteps

Mistakingly etched

Permamently into the ground.

But erase

A future sorrow.

It's all worth it in the end

If you'll just turn

And leave the black horizon

For tomorrow...

A coin is flipped.

Half a chance

It lands on your thinning wrist

Tails down.

So take the heads up

While you can...

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