Canyon's Edge

I stood

Toes at the edge of a canyon.

Feeling crumbling rock

Beneath my feet.

And looked out past the horizon

For what lay behind it.

That is, until I greedily stretched

For a view

Of the rest

And lost my footing.

As I tumbled

In a bloody mess


To the sunbaked floor.

Landed with a


Checked my limbs for signs of fractures.

Gathered my newly found patience,

And continued

To explore...

I'm tired.

Beat down and

Trail worn.

The goal in mind

Still sits away

So far that I can't even

See it straight away..

Just a shadow vague

Of a maiden's call.

But louder still

Than yesterday.

I am


Sullied with the hunger

Of the vulture

Circling above me.

But I will never become

Dead weight

For his primal craving.

I'll kick and crawl,


To our meeting point in the stars

With the same resolve

I had

A million years ago

For this long shot

Of a dream...

They say I've been saving energy in my sleep

For the day that I trek to the place where we'll meet

From this day forward...

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