Sickly Brown

There's a chill in my bones.

I feel sick beyond reproach.

Skin of ice

Still sweats fire beads

Blazing trails.

Liquid thoughts of you

Escape through pores.

Splash on the floor.

I fall to my knees

To tongue the puddles

Back in...

I'm so cold without you...

I'm sick -

Agony consumes my throat

As I swallow

A gulp that is stripped of your honied voice...

A crick in my neck -

I can no longer look to my right

To see the light you've bestowed on my cheek

Through a luminescent kiss...

I can never again look to my left

Or I'm faced with the death you had lifted,

Now resurfaced.

On elbows and knees,

Coughing up dizzying blood

While surroundings spin -

A toxic swirl of green and blue.

The colors of a world

Putridly merged.

A lifeless sheet of my papery soul sits

Atop a cold glass table,

As one crayon is forced upon the shade of the last

And the vivid brightness

Disintegrates into a murky brown.

I squint through a glare,

Trying to make out a spec

Of the primary cries once there...

But the blood-red is drowned

In a vomit-yellow

And buried by how blue I've become...

I am sick.

I am colorless shit

Without you...

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