I'd Sooner be an Asshole

Let us not bicker

About magic lost

Saying the days of chivalry are gone.

Glorified lies

Placed on a door handle

To open.

Or in a meaningless bouquet

Of roses

Dead before they bloomed --


Beautifully doomed.

No, baby.

I'd sooner be an asshole crude

Before I trade in what we have.

The limitlessness of our truth.-

The infinity in our voices

When we spew

Our love, our worries

Our choices, our patience, our hurries.

And like snow flurries

Fallen upon an outstretched tongue,

We will offer each other a taste

Of pearl and purity

Within the obscurity

Of nightfall...

Teach this world a thing or three

About how love-sick dreams

Belong to be

Part of

Duos of honest reality.

Open ears and souls

And take the pain

By all ignored

To craft a monument

To how we came

So far... so bold...

Pray the world accepts what we've foretold.

And if not�

Then so their story goes

Wherever hollow winds blow...

So for whoever wishes to,

Go reach for days of past

When men would

Fake you out elegantly

Just for some ass.

And you can fall into the magic

Of intentional disregard

For just how tragic

It all really is...

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