Thoughts Awash on You

Riverflow streams

Carry broken dreams

Trickling down in ripples.

Trying to piece together

Our distant feelings.

Droplets of fears

Gleam in your sunlight

As the truth becomes exposed

And my imagination unfolds

In watered layers --

Begins to flow

Into your sea

Like prayers

Cascading upward into the heavens.

Only hoping an angel

Would warm up to its message.

So I pray to you.

Read the verse that I disperse

At the sand between your toes -

Waves of words awash your shore

Only strive to cover greater ground

The next thrust 'round.

Or so my story goes...

So I'll drive out to Miami Beach

And pour my liquified words

Onto the boardwalk.

So that every time you step over,

The floor talks...

Place your warm feet

Upon my moistened whispers.

Let them speak into your skin.

Soothe your aching blisters

While you do the same for me.

And make our epic walk towards each other

That much easier...

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