I'm trying... I'm trying

To make a line.

But I think I've lost myself

In the sands of time.

An hourglass gone by...

The sand has slipped right through

And now

I'm just a fragment

Of the life I filled...

These words, I've cloned

To Heavens' end.

Spread myself so thin

Across my treasured pen

That now I cannot sing

Without a backing violin

To guide my broken words along.

I think... I need some pain

Some pleasure... life...

Some rush now in these veins

If I'm to capture right

The little magic light

I once would grab

Twist and turn

On through prolific nights...

My tiny ball of thoughts

That used to bounce

And catch the dirt

Upon my soul's floor

Before it came right up

And showed me what I had this paper for...

So now I'm keeping count

Of all the weakly strung predicaments of stanzas

Littering my mouth...

But either way, I'll tell you

My single greatest fear

Besides losing the love

I hold so dear...

And here it goes,

So lend me endless ears

For my final sounds.

I'm sick of ending blurbs

On some forgotten string of words

That you will soon renounce...

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