With frozen lips

Ice-whispers escape.

Plummet down.

Shatter 'cross the ground.

Lifeless body limping

Making concrete gestures.

Dragging breath along

Just to finish today's song.

Monotone humming

Barely audible enough to follow.

Simply a working knowledge of the coming lyrics.

Hollow spirit


Images faded at my touch.

Oh god, I'm dead.

Reaching towards the grass -

Grabbing a fistful of greyish leaves

And ashes of the blades

That once would bleed with green.

Laggardly crawling

To destinations untold -

A path in itself

It would seem.

My liquid stream

Of consciousness

Befuddled -

Shriveled drops

From puddles.


From lack of rain

You used to pour

Through astral funnels...

Oh god, I'm dead.

Looking up at invisible clouds

In a transparent sky -

I can see the eternal beyond:

Heaven through a window.

Angels fogging up the glass of Dawn,

Spawn of my zombied breath, heed my call:

I only want to cry with you.

I said I'd die with you

But you've gone.

And now all that is left

Is to tread abroad blackened grounds

In discolored death...

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