All I want you to know

Is when we talk

Our echoes glow

Like candlelight

Within this darkness

Casting circles tall enough

To illuminate our way

Through the night...

All I want you to do

Is take these fearful seeds

And plant them in your soil.

So the insecurities

Can boil in the sun

And we can grow,

Over the lake,

A godly oak

That overshadows

Grounds for my mistakes.

All I want you to feel

Comes from a safety chasm,

A tiny room,

Once concealed.

And now I've let you in

To look around

At all my paintings,


Broken record players -

And yet you smile

At it all:

The picture perfect photo albums

And the static-filled soul TV

Leaned up against the wall...

Now tune into the channel

Broadcasting my flaws.

And I will stand in awe

As you take comfort in the beauty

Of my agony.

The worse... The better...


Let us be human together...

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