Cold Out

It's cold out tonight.

Not entirely.

Just a bit nippy

With a draft of stillness.


I can hear the cackling

Of leaves being baked in the moonlight.

Winds skim through in a flounce

Of my echoed sentiments.

As I step forth.

Hand outstretched

To the obscure Goddess

How frigid the wintry stare

Of her twilight leer.

She takes one hand

And with ice-capped fingertips

Grazes me frozen.

Imbues me white

In a pure encasing.


"Now you will know no pain.

A hardened shell of a man

Whom no body

No mind

Can penetrate."

I am steel again

Like before...

A tear streams down my frosty cheek.

And in a moment

It is hardened

Into ice concrete.

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