I see you.

Stumbling 'cross your path.

Fumbling at your ankles.

Searching for an answer...

Trail worn and hair sullied to points of regret.

And trying to block out

Sunblaze from your stare.

And look to the heavens

The blue...

The brethren

Of you...

Angel with tattered wings -

You've suffered the storms

Of Circumstance.

And heavy winds

Still ruffle

Your paper feathers.

And keep you from flight

For just a little


Young... beautiful...

Soul maidenly chaste.

Arms bestowed the gift of flight.

And breath of Heaven's wind.

Eyelids crafted from silk night skies.

And heart fashioned with cotton splendor and the concrete pain within

Of an endless provider.

You've taken me under your wing

Placed me beside your fostering bosom.

So I say sever your ties

For a moment.

And bleed out these tears in excess...

Lacerate a palm

And seep the crimson heartache

Onto the sidewalk you're on.

Now, bawl...

Bawl a puddle, angel...


To your knees...

And crawl around

In the beauty streams

Of the love you applied

To every soul's disease...

Draped in snow,

You're a blessing

Wrapped in Heaven's glow...

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