Modern Miracle

Eyes that reach the sky.

Lashes rake the heavens

And make the angels cry your song.

Clouds part and I see you -

Dancing by the stars.

Pure... untouched.

Pirouetting with Mars.

I'm spaced out

By the ways you teach me -

Tracing out your lessons on my skin.

Leaving chalk dust

Across my soul.

Just now getting what you're trying to say -

That we're powder on the same board

Blown across by heart winds...

That we're panels on the same floor

And though stepped on at times

We creak together...

And I wish for pain tonight


To share a darkness

And see the ways our love will shine a light...

And I want the stormy weather

To ruffle your angel feathers -

Watch you walk in the door.

Battered and soaked.

Trail worn. Tired.

And still with a smile -

Knowing full well that the fire in my eyes

Will heal you dry.

And I want to bring you a rose tonight

And watch it die.

Naked... and wilted,

We will bury it in the backyard

Right under the gaze of the stars.

Blessed to witness the beauty of petals fallen -

Perpetuating the legend that 'all has an end.'

The myth we will kill...

A modern miracle,

We will spread our lyrical blessings

Around each other's ears

When you see me...

And I want to... want you


It's so easy...

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