On Holiday

Like an unwrapping

Of sensuous gift

On Christmas day,

Bows, ribbons and gown

Cascade to the ground

In perfect symmetry

Off your skin profound...

And over my touch

Your skin sizzles and lights up

Like trees on Eve...

While every brush


A different string of moans

That drapes around your likeness

Bandaging our souls

In all its incandescent glow

And warming brightness...

Through the window

We see the cooling wind blow

And huddle up by the couch

Underneath blankets of our eyes.

And with one deep chocolate stare

I melt onto you

Like hot cocoa

Pouring over your body bare.

Saturating you

In delicious thickness

Heating up the air...

And the jingles

Tickle down your neck

Ringing bells

As they reach your nest

And chime

Our little

Lust carols tonight

While you pour

Your fireplace embers

Over my aching

Merry member...

And what you have found

This sexual holiday

Is purest snow


In your banks


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