We're Fools Dreaming


Blades of tender grass

Spread across in whiffs

Amidst teal sky backdrops -

A scent of what we're worth.

Tree souls adorned with

Heart swingsets

Under cloudless light -

Essence of our inner earth.

Driven by. Ignored.

In favor of

Solid building blocks

Of economy

And capital stock.

Concrete business ladders to climb

And wall street signs to follow.

Pools of efficiency to burn,

Drown in and swallow.

Ignoring the luscious rays

Of Summer Suns

And Winter Breeze

If it means

Getting the x's and o's done.

But never minding your p's and q's...

Lost in the alphabet of the American dream

Right next to the letter 'i'.

And so we will commute forth

On stallions of engine and steel.

Hooves churn smoke

And toxic chokes

Among the greyish roses -

The death of emotion


Beneath oceans of dollar bills.

And we will cough

On our own bubbles

Trying to talk through the rubble

Just to be heard

And redefine our existence

Within this ghost of a herd...

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