robbed of life

as the blood seeps out.

trickles through my fingers.

warm upon my palms

and I can't even grab it.

slowly bleeding out the color

to the floor.

while I just watch

in aching helplessness

as it flows down the boards

and inevitably

right out the crack

beneath the wooden door we used to carve our names into.

and as I run across

now drenched in sobs.

following the crimson trail

and fumbling at the knob

to no avail...

this door's been shut out

from the outside.

so I guess

I'll let the blood out

and just

sink into my rocking chair

where thoughts of you roll back and forth

and fill the dormant air...

and I'll have to wait

Til all this blood is gone

before my body starts to pale.

and so it'll be a while

before the coffin hears

its final nail.

and I pray... I pray

that you will catch my thinning body

'fore it hits the ground

from where it used to hover way above.

anticipate my fall

and cushion me with all your love.

the one that knows no bounds...

and if you can't

then don't you weep for me.

just wear your crown, my queen...

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