Fancy Footwork


Dancing... Bare feet.

Toe tapping

Around glass shards

Littered 'cross the carpet.

Careful stepping -

Toes bleed easily.

Skipping 'round

Like soldiers in minefields

While trying

To make pirouettes

Before I land right next

To a shattered piece

Of my regrets.

Or a sharpened edge

Of all the hatred left

Within my ghosts.

So I'll take

Extra precaution.

You know, one time

I landed on a crystal fear.

It dug so deep into my heel

It sent sensations to my eyes.

And I cried stupid tears...

And every step after that

Saw the tiny blade

Slide deeper between

The new skin slit

Until it disappeared

Into my flesh.

Now rinsed

With all my mingling blood.

And it's been in me

Ever since...

And then the window to my soul

Shattered in countless pieces

While self pitying winds

Sent all the little leeches


'Cross the floor

Alongside all the words

To my pathetic thesis.

And so I'll stay

Dancing... bare foot.

Toe tapping

Around self-created

Crystal fragments

Of all the lies

I've since been mapping...

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