Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I found out today

I use the same words.

The same lines.

The same blurbs.

But in modified


So I guess

It's high time

To free my mind

And kill my coined redundancy.

Let my vocabulary shine.

And show you

The abundancy

Of all my fleeting thoughts

Within the riverflow of time.

After all,

If after countless pieces spoken

All you see are the same letter tokens broken

In the sorrow bath of imagery I soak in,

Would I not be better left a mime?

So where do I start

If I am to redefine

This so-called "art?"

I don't think I've ever talked about

Talking about

The things I talk about

When I've got nothing to say.

But I know I won't throw

The same prose in your way

If it becomes the same

As what I said yesterday...

Oh god... I'm doing it again.

Mouthing circles to no end

Just to keep up

With your eyes.

And find you ways

To kill the time

With all the stanzas that I'm always after.

Jesus Christ... It's my only defining factor.

So that when you ask me who I am

I'll hide behind my lines

Like Dr. Seuss with his green eggs and ham.

But I think one day

I'll let the cat out of the hat.

Show you why

My thoughts stay where they're at.

And let you kick back

And grow stale with me.

Then you'll notice

All my little quirks.

The way I overuse

Words like "soul" and "death" and "you"

And how they all relate

Like grains involved in making up

A greater sand.

And then you'll notice

How I start like half my lines

With the word "and"

To cheaply link

These smallest thoughts

To something grand.

How I

Take my little knack

For making pretty rhymes

And let my breath circle your ears

Through all your shitty times.

Whisper all my darkest fears

Over again with no remorse.

Until you realize

That they're just cloned

From a depleting source.

And so I'll sing you fa-la-las

To take us

To that artificial Shan-gri-lah

However you spell it.

And when it's all said and done

Our realities will resurface

Like sickness.

And with the quickness I will kick out the same cutest lines

Just to quell it.

And you will read again...

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