Caught inside

Your strawberry stare tonight.

And let the swirls inside your pupils

Carry me on waves

To precious flights.

And drop me right in front of you.

You know, the kind of 'close'

That lets me feel your peachy breath

Upon my hungered neck.

Lost inside your world.

Ice cream fingers trail my sides

And send a chill into my bones

In forms of broken sighs.

Countered by the heat


On that

Barbecue tongue.

Cooking up a fire.

Salivating sizzles

When you prick me oh so softly

With its tip

And how I hope

You never take it off me...

At least until

We've sampled every aspect

Of our meal bodies.

From the freshly cut little lettuce kisses.

To the whip cream make out wishes

Spread across our cries.

And I can see the apple in your eye

That gleams as if so freshly shined

As I taste the final crevice...


Vanilla thighs

Pour milk.

Like silk

Across me.

As your candy eyes roll back

In all the sweetness

That has lost me.

Now covered in moans of sticky honey.

Coats my body warm

As I take fingertips

To dip

Inside your buttery lake

And bring them to my mouth.

Oh, what a taste...

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