Desert Thunder

Silver lined clouds

Set against

Rolling horizons

Bring promises

Of a better tomorrow.


As we speak

I watch the clouds fold up

While skies get washed obscure

And I just can't hold up

My coming sorrow.

And so it rains

From space...

Across terrains unprepared.

As floods wash away in chunks

These earth slabs.

And now all I have

Is a desert

Of self-doubts, worries

And what this love is all about.

So do I sit around

Until the green is washed right back

And then erased again?

Or do I lean

Upon a cactus

Telling all my stories to the sand

When I am faced again

With re-establishing my glory

In this jaded land?

And have you ever heard

Desert thunder?

Such a pure listen

When not a noise stirs

And all you hear

With ears so sunburnt

Is the sky exploding

And coming down in rays

Of all your fears and blunders...

Makes you wonder

Why you feel the way you feel.

I guess... here, the Sun

Shines so bright

That I am blinded

By its hazy glow

And piercing light.

And how it does what it does best:

Melt away my skin... my soul...

Until I'm just a fragment of what little I had left.

And I'll send bone-whispers

To the empty sky

In hopes that all my little blisters

Catch a vulture's eye.

And then he'll know

Through all my journalized cries

That he will soon feast.

For I will soon


My final spoken piece

Before a dying sigh...

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