Sitting by the fireplace.

And watching all the ways we burn

On through the night.

Like two stars shining

In the same sky

We feel each other's heat

And breathe a humid sigh

Unto a shared piece of space.

At times it feels like

Your celestial frame

Is but a fleeting cover

For your yearning veins.

And how I wish to be the breeze

That blows across your windswept eyes

After it rains

To keep you dry...

And make you see with ease

The loveliness within

Our presence...

Sitting by the fireplace

And how you've taught me

Ways to keeping warm.

And how my coldest soul-wood

Now adorns

A raging blaze

Of roses, thorns, and poison ivy.


You stand behind me

And take in my rash

If it means

Saving our future

And creating lovely


But sitting by the fireplace

Here in the present.

Leaves a smoky scent

So pleasant

That we cannot think ahead

To what will come.

But instead

Savor the current beat

Of sibling hearts.

And let the drum

Just bob our heads along...

And we will cry tonight.

And wash away the red

Inside our eyes

Through holding hands -

Uniting bodies, thoughts

At fated meeting place.

And we will wash away all that is blue

Into a stream

That soon evaporates

At all the warmth we share

Sitting by the fireplace...

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