Let us count heartbeats

As they skip along the ocean top

Like pebbles.

And with each drop to the surface

You can see the bounce in their step

Die down.

Until they've strung along to ends

So tired.

And all the fight is gone.

So after what seemed like an endless existence

They let it all go

And sink into seas

Of zero resistance

And seamless flows...

After all,

To hearts

Weeks do pass like months.

And such fractions of seconds

Ooze by for what seems

Like Eternity's break for lunch.

But even during those infinite spans

I'd likely sit here in space

Just to wait

For that shooting star to finally pass.

And I'd probably carry your books to class

For every outstretched hour

To symbolize

All the ways

We bear each other's weight.

And I'd probably...


Sing in the shower

To wet my lips with just a thought

Of your passionate power.

And so chances are

I'll leave all these wishes

To the stars.

And pave my own destiny road

Right up to your doorstep

To leave behind

All the Winters so far

And bask in the shining Summer glow

Of who we really are...


Though I may not have to remind this

I'll tell you again.

Like fate and history

We have once again proven timeless.

A mystery

We ought to not figure out

So just leave it behind us...

And if by some miracle

Infinity comes to an end.

I'd likely just reset the clock

And do it

All over again...

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