Voice that carries me...

Whispers like a seeping, soothing dark -

Pierces through the day -

Through the blind array of light

And makes its mark...

And if these tears

Are liquified truths of sibling souls.

Then you have captured all my fears

Inside a riverflow.

And let them trickle out

Into horizons...

So I think I know now

Where this mirror goes.

Somewhere in the sky -

So one night we'll reflect in quaint repose

And look on up to each other

Just to cross stares...

And how your candy-coated veins

Do lacerate me -

Spill my blood in ways

That make me warmed... alive...

And how I love this breath

But please... do understand

One thing above the rest...

I'd sooner die at your hands

Than live without

Knowing our plans...

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