Seventy-First and Second

Don't look at me tonight.

My eyes are liquid.

Not inclined to focus.

Pouring onto knees that weaken

At your piercing light.

Die unto me...

No, really.

Soak me in your vicious kill

And watch the fireworks explode

At all the blood that spills.

And maybe I'm just whining.

Maybe... Maybe just a baby.

But just let me sit back

Naked onto doorsteps -

Watch the cars that pass honk pity

From their somber lanes...

Screeching tires -

On their way to greater things

While I just wait and sing

From on my porch

Those melodies that soon repeat,

Before I pass the torch

Back to myself

And scorch my tongue

'Til this saliva bubbles into blood and smoke

And vaporizes into mediocre airs

I breathe and choke...

So think about him.

Maybe he can fuck you right.

Maybe he can whisper honey-coated nothings in your ear

To warm you through the night.

Bask in all the sweet stupidity

And trick yourself into believing

All the zero weight inside his words numbers infinity

Like mine...


At least I keep my thinning thoughts

Trapped on this porch.

To never stray and damage

All this world.

So when I see that little girl

Skipping along the sidewalk,

Stopped outside my gate...

I shall save some face for her

And turn away,

While she just cries

That I'm ignoring her today -

Not knowing of my painful favor.

Not knowing that it all has reason.

So she'll run on down the block

To tell her mom

About the demon

On the corner of 71st and 2nd.

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