Channel Surfing

Countless lines

Better left for mimes.

My productivity is shot -

Two-thousand lines

And still I've not said much.

Spent too fucking long

Coming up with something

And now I'm

Coming down with something

Sickness and...

The cure?

Oh, just some rest for such a working tongue.

Watch daytime TV

To learn just what I feel

When my knees do buckle

Under the weight

Of something


A concept

Lodged in outer space

Just waiting for a rocketship

To taste the underbelly

Of the stars.

Flip the channel to

I think it's CBS.

They have some guy on house arrest

Because he killed some pet or other...

Leaves me wondering

What did his mother

Feed him?

And if he is but

A demon

Dressed in tattered rags.

And CNN holds politics

Of wisdom, hate,

And cataclysmic faith

In action heroes

To debate

If IQs of a million zeroes

Are required

To run office?

Leaves me wondering

As voters

Are we even more retarded?


Still seems too much for me.

Those crazy Real Worlders

Whose antics

Make my folders and my papers -

All those cheap office semantics

Seem like vapor

In a world of substance...

Leaves me wondering

If this abundance of redundancy

Will prove my fall?

Where the fuck is UPN?

That shitty toilet humor

I could belt out of my gut

After like twenty Cokes.

I didn't know that no one in a house of twenty smoked

Or drank their lives away?

But you know, one time

I think I heard the lead guy say

He hugged his work assistant

And felt guilty

So he never told his wife.

Now see, that shit is funny.

I can find a million crummy situations

That we're cornered in

And have to lie our way right out -

Then watch hilarity ensue

As we fumble with our doubts

And mumble one-third truths

While circling confessions roundabout...

Leaves me wondering

If all our lives are stale

For trying to match up picture families

To no avail...


I didn't know that flipping channels

Could cause quite a stir.

But doctor's orders -

"Much bedrest and fluids.

And while you do it,

Why not let the television glow?"

My ass, fucker.

I'm going out and coughing up a lung into the cold...

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