Back to Basics

Here I try to use some rationale

To bring the night abound

Decipher us within its context

Bring the building blocks around.

Oh, but you're a tetherball of passion

Making loops around my mental poles

To curl me up inside

Your little world.

And I can't hide the flare inside

When we play ball.

And toss around all our emotions

Back and forth

With such resolve.

And how it gathers dirt,


When it rolls around

Adding unique blends

Of all our basic passions.

How we soon unfasten.

Disassemble all the magic

To its roots.

For, what more is a kiss

Than two smiles joined together

For a moment?

And what more is Time

Than little second-fractions

That we group together

Just to say we owned it

For the worse

And for the better?

And what the hell are worries

If not misinterpretation

Of the allegories

That we craft

When trying to pen stories

About you and I?

So what more is a touch

Than just a way

To desperately portray

The heated words

We crave so much

Through merging skin?

What is anything then?

I don't know.

But here I go.

Confessing all my dark desires

To the night

With cheap philosophies

And questions about what could possibly make up

The things we love.


Here I go

Not caring if I'm right or wrong -

Or whether if I know the words that make this verse

So long as we can hum along.

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