There's something about this E.S.P.

That makes the things you do to me

Be foretold...

Like the time I said

"You know, she'll come around

And bring a hand up to my face."

And so I took comfort

In knowing that my place with you

Was predestined within the stars

And I would never have to plead my case

As to who we are...

So take my metal heart that stays so far

And pull it in

With some magnetic love

That pushes us above


And bleeds upon the earth

With every thing our souls are worth.

I guess,

There's nothing we can't handle.

No mountain that we can't dismantle...

No candle we can't burn

Throughout the night

Until we yearn

For distant flights

That carry me across for miles

To the door that opens wide

For knocks so vile

From this fool infatuated

With the medicine you've given

That's sedated me

To clumsy states

Of stumbling in my worries.

For I don't know if my words

Come close enough

To match the allegories

That you soon expect as such

From someone worthy of your smile...

I don't know...

Maybe these lines

Are not quite enough

To fill your stanza needs

Within their meek

Pathetic creeds.

But know one thing.

If I could soon master the violin,

I'd glide my loving bow

Across the yearning string

That aches out for your name

While I just sing

And count the ways you came

Into my life.

Into my blood.

Into my vacant veins

And clouded me

Within your rain.


In the tears I pouted

On the day you came

Into my soul

And shrouded

Me in all your glory

All your might...

Just to share a story

With me...

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