Super Pervert Bros.

In my Super Mario world

I'd love to be a Hammer Bro.

Or perhaps the King of Koopas.

But really, I'm just a Shy Guy -

Part of my troop.

How behind those masks we hide

And poop

Lil clouds of silent smoke

When stomped on.

Treading slowly.

Laying lowly.

Scared to be observed

But watching all:

Like Mr. Mario

When he takes that 'shroom

And flushes his reality down pipes.

Grows to 'bout 3 times his size

And lets his alternate world loom.

Or how he dons a raccoon skin,

Eats a leaf

And flies within the skies -

Thwarting endless assholes

Just to find

His princess is in another fucking castle!

How he turns this world clean upside down

To reach

And lay Miss Princess Peach.

What some guys wouldn't do

Just for a fucking screw.

And so he'll bring her bouquets

Of fire-flowers

Just to magnify the chance

To lay some pipe

And use his pelvic plumbing power.

But she must be quite the slut

For Bowser to always abduct her,

Take his Viagra - 1 ups

And fuck her.

I think I heard behind the castles walls one time:

"Oh! Oh Bowser!

You're quite small

But got that fire in your trousers!

All in all, though

Nothing like that time I sat on Spiny Guy.

It hurt so much

It made me cry."

And don't think for a second

Donkey Kong didn't take

His donkey dong

And ram it home

Just like those slow paced Goomba stoners.

Everybody in this Koopa Kingdom's hitting homers.

Mr. Miyamoto:

How you drive our kids

To druggie corners

And stabbings over boners.

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