Mirror Image

Just look at me.

We'll say more with our eyes.

Those pupil tears that come out in rivers of words

And form a lake of our breathless sighs

At our feet...

I can pull my pant legs up now

And wet my toes

With what it means.

And though at a distance

We'd still find a way

To let our streams trickle out,

Find each other

And form that ocean of cries

That soothes us today...

And though far away

We can let our cries' reflections convene,

By staring out at the same sky -

Mingle with each other

At some predestined meeting shrine.

Like two people staring into the same mirror

From different sides...

If for a moment

Their stare brought them

Side to side for some time...

Ever so certain

That two days from now

I'll open my curtain,

You'll undo yours

And we'll breathe our names out

Into the blackest obscure

So that they may mingle out

By the stars that by now shine azure

With our joy and our rue.

Yes... we'll send them out

Into the blackness so pure

Of the night

That eats away at the dawn of our thoughts

Just to capture our light.

And though a space jump away

From a touch

For the better.

I can honestly say

I'll ride out the sun

And all of its luminous rays

Til light-years bring us together.

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