War Cry

Blackest steeds

Behind hilltops

Charge forth -

Earthquake harmony.

Dark Knight.

Crimson stained.

Blade in hand.

Prepared for the greatest fight

This land

Has ever known.

Under the moonlight

Steel armor

Is accentuated -

Hiding all sense of will and choice -

Of inner voice.

Tongue of Superior:

"Press on! My valiant puppet!

For they are inferior!

And though you may fall,

You'll have surely known a joy like no other -

Engaging in clash with stupid resolve

Alongside all your battered-body-brothers.

Long live our City!

And bring to light

The nitty gritty realization

That wives will soon seek pity


How utterly right.

So put on your metal coat.

Let's slit some throats tonight..."

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