Blanket Bodies

How her beauty cascades

Off the moonlight

To enwrap me

In some luminescent haze

When I turn to shades

At her gaze...

Hair pours

Like fountains

Over shoulder lengths.

Just give me one chance

And I'll make this magic night

Go places unseen.

Kiss you right.

Lips... wet

Set... on silk stomachs.

Pine for no regrets.

Just indulge

In all the heat

My tongue has drawn from it.

Just... shed

Like shower robes

Those inhibitions.

Be led

For just tonight

By our collision.

Body flight.

Lips locked.



Eyes cocked.



Liquid stares out to each other.

Disregard the clock.

Under this moon we're timeless

With our sexual thoughts

That at times

Leave me rhymeless...

Blanket bodies


Thrown by winds

To every angle

Of our passion.


Dripping honey

On your buds

And leaving sex sap trails

Along your skin

With those breaths

That bring us to a silly grin.

Oh we know what we're doing.

Meet me at the corner for a drink.

I think our sweat is already ensuing...

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