Don't bless me

With a prescripted response

That I wrote down five weeks before you said it.

Please, don't play the angel.

Give me right that fucking headache

I enjoy...


A million foot soldiers

Into the grassy mind hills

Where all my fears reside

And lead-spray them in vicious kills

Until you've bled them dry.

Give me Truth.

Give me Pain.

Give me all the stupid shit we try to hide.

Because it's all in vain.

And all that courses through our veins

Is but a lie



Some cheap refrain.

Bare your clothes my doll.

Stand naked in the moonlight

Catching beams that make you do right

All the things you do

Through all those times you stay so true right...

And paint me every picture ugly

That resides inside your mind.

Those flares of crimson brush

Thrown across the bloody canvas that defines your coldest touch.

Show me confession.

Show me regression

Into the bowels of your mental dissection.

Don't hide... Don't hide...

Like they do in their masked up intersections...

And sing with me

In harmony

These honestly putrid self-lines

That lead us apart

From the standard procession.

Ugliness is Beauty through Truth.

I'll gladly shed my roof

If it means

Catching pollution beams

But breathing the unfabricated obscene...

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