Little Dance Tonight

What is it that lifts me up

About denial?

All those pictures in my head

Ever worthwhile


Til the singer in question

Put the thoughts right out.

Left me in the cold

With zero hopes

And doubts that count up to infinity and beyond!

Buzz fucking Lightyear

Couldn't skyrocket

To where my expectations dawned.

And no goddamn meteor

Could plummet to the earth depths that I have

With all the crushing sounds of my unfinished song.

"Shut the fuck up"

I say to myself

Pick yourself the fuck up

And show this world

That they don't know a Hell

Until you've passed like storms

With all your sorrow-fury through it's fucking prison cells!

Free every emotion inmate

Bound by locks and walls and dinner bells

And let collective inner yells

Gather in pockets

Til they overflow

And shroud this fucking world

In all the gleams my eyes once held.

Since turned to lust for every body that exhales

A stressful sigh

At nearby pubs

Where all I'm built to do is go and lie.

Buy myself a bed to share

And coat your fucking sighs.

Pretend I care

About your stupid ex

And sink into a dream

Of sultry stupid sex.

Fuck those insecurities right out.

Breathe on each other

And leave at the turn of a dime

For another

In due time...

Can you feel the ways

I rhyme

Into your pants tonight?

Who cares?

Let's both just shut the fuck up.

Do your little dance tonight...

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