Breeze or the Leaves?

And I try to delight

In holding some

Intrinsic might

That cannot be explained.

Tell me why then

These expectations

Leave me in the rain...

After all -

Succinct simplicity

Leaves no mysteries glistening

No hidden hope

To call on...

But on Red Road and 74th today

The Churro Man 's face lit up

From just a couple sales.

And you could feel the honks of hungry commuters

Give this old man breaths of newest air....

And soaked under some five-colored umbrella

He ran across the lanes

To gather all his change

That probably wasn't much.

But tell me then...

Why do I see him there


Peddling his little magic sugar bags

And the such?

Catering with treats so pleasant.

And how he loves it

And how I love him.

I don't know why

But I do...

And how that duck on campus

Eased into the lake and wet his back

To then proceed in frantic runs

And happy quacks

To everyone.

I swear to you

He came right up to me

After my class.

And made a sound.

And though I know not what he's saying

I can hear something profound

Inside the little games he's playing.

So around the shade offered by the maison

I bent at once to pet him

Hoping he would ask to play and I would let him...

But he ran away...

I guess... I need

A return to the basic reason

That our hearts might burn with ease and

Mingle with each other

Throughout the seasons...

And so I'll paint you the breeze

And not the million leaves it rustles.

Hoping to tussle your hair

With the simplest stare.

And we'll just... laugh all of the night and day away

Until they're echoes in the stars.

And later we can gaze on up

To see the shining

Of the simple things we really are.

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