So just be true...


And for the death of you

Get on your knees

And beg for thunder

If it eases

All your desert lips

From going under...

And if it means the death of you -

The very final breath of you

Do not recede

Onto the shelf you keep your masks on.

No... take what's left of you

And throw me every ember that defines the best of you.

Bare your heart.

Shed your soul unclothed

And leave it in a lone plateau

To gather winds where no one goes.

To lean on nothing but what blows across the canyon

At the time...

Chime... Chime... your little requiems divine

And look for signs that may not come.

But know you faced your honest tongue

Directly to the sun.

And how it warmed your buds

And all the truth and love

Within your verse

Would finally come.

For once... For once...

You crawled out from your rock

And cocked your passion gun.

Locked and loaded -

Blasting bullet holes through skies

Since then eroded

At your lullaby...

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