Poker Face


Do I put my cards on the table?

Or would you prefer that magic fable

That hides its paragraph disgrace

In sentences disabled...

Dare I spread this two pair now

And show you bare

The things I shroud.

Or do I up the ante -

Joking... smiles...

That give my cards potential

To your clueless eyes

All the while...

Cloud your vision...

This poker smoke

That paints me vague

And makes you choke

On your own imagination...

Yeah, after all, for tonight

My limits are only defined

By how badly you want that sensation...


Maybe I should hide my hand...

Two cards down

And you'll deal me up

A mystery stare.

As if dying to know what I held.

Did I bluff?

Did I fuck you so much?

Maybe I did...

But what do you care?

This ride was much more enticing

Knowing I played you these cards blind...

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