indulged in liquor clouds -

I tell you made up stories

hoping to hear the same

and then we'll bite

into this fabricated fame.

maybe spend the night

in body flight

while hearts stay


but these little games just buy the time

to leave me in a silent rhyme.

no baby, you may think me crazy.

but all I ever wanted was for color shines

to creep into our lips.

and then we can disperse those kind of words

that make the summer blind.

and you can move your hips

when you want to...

and you can take that kiss

if you want to...

when you can touch me right

say 'I want you'

without muffled conscious moans

trying to stop you...

then that's when you shed every story

about you...

and immerse your heart

in a pool of my self truth

that wouldn't be water without you...

but I see you... in those prisons

we call inhibitions.


away all my soul tales told.

and joking

when I turn to words so bold.

but no man, child nor old

can soon deny the treasure beckoning.

like an accomplished poet friend foretold:

you're sitting on a mine of precious gold

but scared to dig

for fear the rocks would be too big.

and so you light that cig

inside casino tents

to filter out your fears

through clouds of smoke

and filthy bets.

I only wish you'd bare your secrets unto me

the way you do with all those cigarrettes.

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