Robot... Who? Me?

Oh he's soft spoken.

Pining for a token.

But he sought broken tongues to mend -

To salivate some bubbles of accomplishment and useless compliments.

Unconsciousness becomes his friend.

To not drown in a stream of fears,

Worries, tears, and shattered glory.


Face up to the sun.

Beams that melt my actions

Pour unto the sea.  

Merge as one.

Just be...

Yes... Just clean exist with no persistence

Wiped of joy and sorrows.


Into a painless void

That knows not of

The stars tonight and clouds tomorrow.


The antitype to you -

Flesh and feelings,

Red and blue.

Colored hues

That paint your human waves and notions

While I stay that Android Ocean.

Deathly still...

Flattened... Grey...

Yeah, those water ripples kill

But here lies not a fickle wind.

Only these metal clouds

Set to

Robotic skies.

And how they're preprogrammed

To rain

When I am running low on monotone cries.


One day I'll hit the switch

And watch the gears turn.

See the Sun of Steel churn out

Artificial seasons -

Silver Autumns.

Aluminum leaves that fall in patterns

With flawless reason...


Return to Innocence.

Here we don't sin.

We knock on Heaven's bolted door

When all our circuitry is sore

To be tuned up again.

A testament to equality.

Here no one knows of "special."

Individuality makes war.

So please don't argue,

'Our reality is calibrated fiction.'

Isn't yours?


Don't pity me because I talk

And you can sing...

I dare you, in your colored world

To find a bird that flies

With metal wings...

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