Passers By


If Truth is found within,

I've colored you and I

Philosophically dead and dyed to sin.

Never one to sketch myself to fine fruition

Once I etch myself into your stone

And fetch myself your comfort

I just lose the ways to craft a sound decision.

Oh, my lovely, do not fret.

You've done the world no wrong

For it is I who paints his own black clouds so long.

So please, cast off your guilt and sing your siren song.

And find the silver lining in your skies of dawn.

Oh, my darling,

I act like you're there

But I'm just longing

For a stare.

And how alarming

All the breeze I send has not returned for years -

This faulty karma.

And oh, my sweetest

Do not worry.

You are not a single girl

But more like just a story

That I crafted through the mirrored allegories

In my mind...

So if you read this,

I do not single you out.

Depending who you are

You may apply a different shade

To all my humble shouts.

My dearest passers-by:

Rejoice in all the light I never cast

With all my pens.

And watch the sun set

As I try to catch its vibrant rays again.

Warm my face again and smile -

Thank you for employing just a pupil on my cries.

Makes it worth the while, baby.

Oh you got me crazy

Taking all the minutes you've been saving

To trek with me all these miles

On my lyric road in paving...

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