Firefly Faith

Stumbling in forest paths

And I found you...

This glowing little firefly -

"No doubt a little lost at what surrounds you, little buddy?

But if you may just hear me out

Though you may find it funny,

How's about we partner up

To search for any exit oh so sunny?

And in the meantime you can glow around me.

Cast a light around my cries

That soon surrounds me

And accentuates what's left of the profound me."

"Please, oh please... little guy.

Light me up and show me what I'm worth

So that I may recall this glimmer

When I stagger 'pon this earth.

And warm my insecurities to slowing simmers

Melting off like cocoons to display a hidden purity -

That ghost so inner..."

"Oh your buzz is so illuminating

Casting effervescent glows cascading off the air and unto me

That emphasizes all the me I could entrust the bittersweet horizons to...

You know... that bison mixed in with the blue

From skies that shine away all my redunancy

Yet still leave threats of all those thunderstorms no fun to see...

Show me, little guy... all the ways I may rely on just my heart

To shield me from the rain...

Tell me, please, it's possible

To save myself...

Before I turn to those conclusions oft-ly dealt."

It's funny how I put such faith

Into my smiles and frowns

When I'm the one who holds the best record to date

Of those who've let me down...

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