Crutch Clutching

How we ween...

Lean on each other

Let our faults convene...

And so I'll be your crutch

And you'll be mine.

Afraid to step across the line

And grab tonight.

Yeah, man... I'll be your elevator -

Lift you up to some place greater

If you just push the right buttons

I'll hold your faith,

Support your weight if you should fall.

NASA scientist with epic schemes

Makes sure his pal across the desk

Does help his scene.

Can't be left alone

With his own creativity.

Safety prone - Save your ass.

Share the blame.

Split the shame.

Never confident enough

To take the chance.

Break a dance.

Maybe make a scenic vision

From a tiny glance.

Or maybe risk collision

And knock us the fuck out from our stance.

And then we'll hate you... hate you...

Not because you screwed us up.

Because we couldn't break you -

Envying your stiff resolve.

And then we'll love you... love you...

For the ways you showed

The stars were never quite above you

And reached for them

Even though they burned...

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