Sensual Sands

laying on

sand beds.

gazing at

blackened sky sheets.

trying to

taste a word

you haven't heard before.


some flavor

residing on dormant buds.

and if you can't

exhale the words you chase.

massage the thoughts right out

lend yourself a helping hand

and let the ocean winds

rake it back and forth.

body canvas

expertly caressed

with paintbrush fingers.

the expert painter -

messing with her palette

dipping into color swirls that linger...

bows from violins -

guided back and fro.

gliding in and back.

melodies unfurling -

purest notes escape your lips.

resonate across the sea

until your hips

emit a chorus harmony.

and you pour onto the sand.

merge every grain between your thighs

into a moistened heap.

sticky caramel - seeps.

finds a trail across the beach.

trickling down

from overflowing honey hives.

juices finding

sandy paths to shore

until a wavy sheet creeps up -

blankets all your passion droplets into seas once unexplored...

bottom lip

dressed with indentations

from a tooth

unwilling to veil its sensation.

curling toes

lightly raking granules -

while a hand

withdrawing from its panel

comes undone - exposed

dripping with the storm you channeled.

one with body...

one with mind...

one with all the oceans

that you find inside

through just a brush.

liquid emotions

drizzle out...

thinnest line -

of soaked grains

paints a darkened path

up the way it came.

collects at base

in ecstasy heaps.

below your core

while you lay down

an aching, naked back

upon the sand

and fantasize yourself to sleep once more.

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