Plastic Ammunition


Yes... it hurts to thousands

Just to pen this.

Yes... it's tempting

Just to end this...

Complex verbs and vowels

Designed to intertwine

Around a rhyme so foul.

And such the headache

When I find

That the ending always chimes

With a predestined sound.

Ink that seeks discovery

Has been a mouse in maze -

Trying every path prewritten for disaster

Til he finds his way

To exits that were clean layed out for ages

While the audience cues its laughter.

Yes it's painful... torturous

To know your tongue is trail worn

From repeated expeditions

Into lyrical ambition

With a hope to shatter ground

With poet firepower

Only to discover

You hold plastic ammunition.

Shower you with weak precision.

Feel my burn for power.

Taste a sweetest will gone sour.

Here, my writer's block convenes

To clasp my lips

And cloud your eyes from what I mean.

But Jesus... I just wish to come undone and clean

And be the core you sink a ravished tooth beneath.

I wish... I wish... to gleam

Truth beams... tonight.

And in these ways I've sold my lies

To buy some pride... Oh fakest purity...

I am...

A whore... a slave to you...

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