enwrapped in a balmy breeze

this dusky night

while you lay half down

on a park bench.

catching beams of moonlight

with an aching tongue.

breathing them back into me.

bodies bare -

disregard the odd

wooden splinter

here and there.

leg thrown over

bench head -


ever gracefully


tilted head

staring back

at a distant tree.

watching a leaf

embark on its journey down.

as I slide famished palms

up thigh lengths ever long.

lost in a bird's

chirping sound.

sitting -

one leg planted firm on the ground

the other, like painted before

thrown over the bench head

leaves you exposed

towards a moist tongue

aching to be fed.

I'm pushed down

by erotic winds

to trace my tongue-tipped sin

upward -

magnify your senses.

drown in the bird sounds

as I reach your nest.

and flicker

a small tickle

that makes the sky shudder.

never once straying your gaze

off the dropping leaf

as it tumbles

randomly down

with the fickle wind,


the exploratory tongue

probing in -

like ink fountains

tip dipped

in a softest cream

and making cursive letters

inside you

spelling hungry screams -

while my lips



as you pour down - and i can hear

the waterfall sounds

unending liquid flows

that dance around my ears

while you leak your fears

from a dampened mound

and watch the leaf

arrive at ground.

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