Time Management

Trying to manage my time.

Put hours in pockets.

Line lint with


Pull them out


I'm ready

To spread sighs

Across 39 seconds divine.

The time I use

To analyze

The illogicality

Of Love.

The skipping of a heartbeat

Lost between a micro-moment


Time like trains press on.

Words uttered -

Left a distant spark

On rails passed.


Rooted in

Gossamer soil.

Love does strike

At improper hours

And clogs veins

In musky oil.

Flowing through

Saturated bodies.


Cackling with

Broken dreams.


Yet Fierce.

Eroding earth chunks at its width's end.

Consuming, Inviting dirt

To merge as one.

Love in these ways

Expands sideways

Like the raging river

Chewing away

At all dirt lumps

Of inhibition.

Widening its magnitude

To consume


All this

In 39 seconds.

Still not quite enough.

Now its seen

Why I do

Manage my Time.

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