Some Potentiality

Living in the stigma of enigma

And thinking anything I've never done

Should not be hard.

Like when I see the blokes around my class that kick the hackey sack.

I know that if I tried a little

Surely I could join them all

As pros and kick the sack right back.

Or when I take my future physics course

From which most students drop.

I share no worries.

For I know if I put thought

I'll best the toughest categories

Like the bullshit that Newton would jot.

And yeah... distant challenges seem simple.

So I'll always walk away from where the wind blows.

Partake in nothing... zero.

Limit my potential to imagination

And be something of a hero

In a goalless nation.

For, what stellar poems I could write

By leaving pages snowy-white sensations!

Oh, how thought provoking I can be

In wordless conversations...

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