Awaken the dreams inside me.

My dearest ink fountain.

The one that lends my lonely lyrics

Strength to scale emotion mountains.

Thank you for these spirits that we share

Infinity and counting...

So I ask a favor.

Please do share these lines with me.

Savor all this time with me

And we can pass the pen around.

Back and forth.

Interlacing our ideas on a solemn sheet

Where your thoughts will rhyme with me.

Ideas that collect in heaps surrounding.

Infinity and counting...

Etch all of your worries

In between the lines.

And I will spell a story next to it

To comfort all your words of loss

Within a pencil sketch that chimes our hidden allegories

With the beauty of our sounding.

Unending notes of harmony.

Infinity and counting...

Let my pen caress your paper crevice.

Scribble little nothings in your margin

A snapshot for your lips

When all your words have left you starving.

And show me how it is you jot your thoughts ever astounding.

Those lovely poet moans you keep in pockets.

Infinity and counting...

And please... just let us share one stanza.

Trading lines

To fill this little paper phantom.

Back and fro...

Watch those little words we laugh.

Sinking into paragraphs...

Let us pen our epic joy and struggles

And our very founding

Against unending pages

Infinity and counting...

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