Liquefied Mind


Lend me your ears

For I yearn to be heard

When I spill all my fears

Onto every day on your calendar year.

And trace with me now to find

The reasons I never keep quiet ink handy.

For I've just too much on my mind

That fancies for a sympathy cry.

As I toss this boulder to the diamond sky

In hopes it catches some god's eye

Before it gets any colder...

And He can send me some pity in a warm rain.

Soak in its essence.

Collect its heat in trickles to keep me sane

With streams that coat my brain glowing luminescent.

Diffusing in droplet paths.

Through every cranium crevice

And mmmmm...

Drown every lyrical headache with all your hydro magic

And liquefy my thoughts.

So they may flow more freely from where they're embedded

Before these words do rot

And leave me wondering why I said it...

Freely... freely... Free me

From these rhyme inclines

So that I chime dissonance

Every time that I wet my lips with ocean nouns

That fizzle in...

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